Automate and control your routine customer communication tasks, all in one place, in a fraction of the time.

Finally, a software designed specifically for you that automates 12 points of communication for your customer’s journey with you.

Does this sound familiar?

Between overseeing jobs, managing payroll, and making sure everything else in your business is running smoothly, it’s no wonder you’re probably stressed out.

This doesn’t even include the Busy Season when chimney service companies like yours are up to their necks with homeowners trying to schedule a last-minute chimney sweep and inspection before their in-laws come in town for the Holidays.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was software designed especially for chimney service companies that simplifies how you communicate with your customers?

Think for a minute… how nice would it be if there was a system that automatically texted customers back in the event you miss their call preventing them from automatically turning to a competitor. 

And what if someone you trust handles the setup process for you instead of you wasting your time and energy on the setup yourself (like some other platforms out there)?

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If these questions feel like they’re hitting close to home, CustomerMatic is for you.

Your company will look and feel organized and competent.

You’ll be seen as a professional customers can trust to do the job on time and right. Best of all, you’ll be free of setting it all up yourself. 

…So if your current customer communication system feels like you’re constantly trying to herd cats and you’re worried it will spill over into lost business, CustomerMatic is for you. 

You’ll get everything you need to consolidate customer conversations into one place while automating the mundane tasks and integrating them into your existing field management software.

The best part? We set it all up for you.

No more wasted time and effort trying to set it up for your business (while also trying to run your business).

We’re not going to leave you hanging like that.

Long gone are the days when you’ll need to wait weeks to start using the software you’ve paid for.

We get you up and running on the base system in just 5 days without the expense of having to hire a consultant.*
*After all the documentation is received from the client

With CustomerMatic you get our reputation for excellent service with the power of software designed with you in mind.

“This is exactly what doing more with less looks like. We thought we needed to hire another full-time office person to handle customer communications and follow-up. But after using this software for the past three weeks, we realized we don’t need to hire after all. That’s a huge burden lifted, and a lot of money saved. It felt so good to take down the hiring ads!

Shari Kuwik

Hansen & Sons Chimney

Okay, you may be thinking “But how does CustomerMatic bring different channels into one platform?”

We’re glad you asked. 

All these different platforms can be brought together under the CustomerMatic software.  Not to mention, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Business Profile, and more.



All under one roof.

But who has time to login to different systems to monitor them? This takes time away from doing the more important things like running a business. We have nothing against any of these tools. In fact, we used to use many of them on their own before we developed CustomerMatic.

If you enjoy logging into these separately or you have a team of people doing this for you, feel free to keep the status quo.



..think of how great it’ll be to have one login with one dashboard for all your customer communication needs.

Not just emails and phone calls, but

  • Texts
  • Chats
  • Review requests
  • Appointment confirmations & reminders
  • Invoicing

All of these are crucial to the customer experience today. No longer can you afford to not invest in these BECAUSE it’s what the customer expects.

“This is a total game-changer for us. It saves our office a ton of time every day, it makes us money without effort, and it ups our communication game to the big leagues.”

Lou Curley

Lou Curley’s Chimney Service

CustomerMatic has three different packages to choose from to best meet your needs.

Customer Engine Package Details

Okay now you’ve seen the packages, think about this. How much it would cost to hire someone to perform these same tasks in the office? Not to mention paying for the different channels on their own… 

And consider the total investment, not just base salary:

  • How long would it take to hire and get them up to speed?
  • How much training do they need?
  • How much in taxes, benefits, and salary do they need?
  • What happens if they leave for another company?

Unless you’re running solo, you probably have some idea of how much it costs to hire someone in your market. CustomerMatic is about 25% of the total investment of hiring a person. Of course, this depends on market size and location.

But the gist is, you’ll save $$ toward your bottom line with CustomerMatic. Not to mention it’s running 24/7. No breaks. No vacation. It’s there when you need it. 

Sound good?

Let’s get on a call to discuss which package is the best fit for you. Or if you’d like to see CustomerMatic in action, get a demo of it at the button below.

CustomerMatic is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a home services pro in Chimney Sweeping, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, or another vertical
  • Your current customer communication processes feel skattered, unreliable, or just plain expensive
  • You’ve been mostly on your own communicating with customers about their appointments, follow-ups, and more.
  • You’ve tried other platforms but they were so expensive with a long and complicated set-up process

CustomerMatic is NOT right for you if:

Hey, we can’t be right for everyone. Truth is, our hearts are with Home Service Pros — you know, the chimney sweeps, plumbers, HVAC, and similar verticals. CustomerMatic is designed around what pros in these industries need in order to communicate best with their customers. So, if you’re in e-commerce, publishing, health care, or any industry outside of home services, CustomerMatic and its services aren’t the best fit for you.

But even if you’re in a home services industry, you may already have a team of in-house employees communicating with customers regularly. That’s great! If you’ve got a system in place that works for you 24/7, none of the team will ever leave, cost you taxes or health insurance, implementing CustomerMatic may not give you the same results.

So if you’re in need of a consistent customer communication tool and work in the chimney services industry or other service industries, let’s talk.