Meet Genni! How Can She Help You?

Genni is a super helpful, smart sales assistant on your website

Genni not only chats and books appointments but also helps create content and boosts your sales.


Have You Been Missing Opportunities?

Missing Interaction:

47% of small businesses left calls unanswered. Home Services miss about 27% of inbound calls. HUGE revenue opportunity missed here!

Slow Poke Reputation:

46% of consumers want to book their appointment online or in an app. Are you losing customers due to being unable to book fast and easily online?

Marketing Money Pit:

if your website doesn’t easily present info tailored to your potential  clients or  engaging content  you could lose them to a competing company with more customer tailored content

Employee Burnout:

Tyring to keep up with Keeping up on the flow and pipeline of booking and systems, customer contacts, and day-to-day operations

This is modern sales and content.
This is Genni.

Instant Help = Happy Customers: Genni pops up, answers questions in a jiffy, and makes sure visitors feel connected right away. The result? More people stick around, love your site, and book more appointments!

Streamlined Booking Process : Genni makes booking online a breeze. It’s friendly, easy to use, and customers can book whenever they want. This means more bookings for you and fewer headaches for everyone!

Personalized Interactions: Genni is smart – like, really smart. It uses the newest tech to figure out what your customers are after and then shows them exactly that. No more endless searching, just straight to what they need.

Your Mini 24/7 Sales Team: Genni is always at the front lines of your business. By collecting info from your team, it crafts engaging stories, like case studies with images, blogs, and social posts. Genni even shares live reviews during chats, becoming your go-to sales assistant as well as making booking even easier!


The Easiest “Get Started” Plan Ever

1. Take a Sneak Peek with an interactive Demo

First up, dive into Genni’s world with an online demo. It’s like a quick tour showing how Genni fits right into your website and makes things more fun and efficient for your customers.

2. Get Personal with a Setup Call:

Ready to roll? Great! Schedule a chat with our Genni pros. They’ll help you set up your Genni account so it’s just right for your business.

3. Launch Your New Digital Sales Assistant:

Once you’re all set up, it’s showtime! Turn on Genni and watch the magic happen. You’ll start seeing more bookings, sales, and content, and your customers will love the new, smooth experience.

4. Train Your Team With Ease:

Genni’s not just smart; it’s also a great team player. Train your staff directly in the app. They’ll learn how to make the most of Genni, like snapping photos and dictating audio notes, all of which gets used to create new, automated content for your site and social channels.

Spark Marketer: Your Guide to Winning the Modern Homeowner

With over a dozen years serving home service companies, we know how hard it has become to create the kind of content that stands out in an ever-crowded marketplace. And we have seen the way homeowners have evolved they way they search for and choose who they work with. Tools like texting, chat, and self-service booking have all gained significant ground, and savvy consumers know they can get the answers and services they want, on their terms. Spark Marketer is a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses like yours, helping to figure out the right mix of content, tools, and methods for serving today’s homeowner, and creating unfair competitive advantages for our clients. Genni represents the newest AI-powered way of making sure you never lose a customer.

Genni: The AI Sales Assistant Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore!

We know that you want to be the company that comes to mind when someone needs a home service. You are feeling like you’re always playing catch up and not where you want to be with your business because of missed opportunities, bookings and slow response times, risks of falling behind in the fast-paced digital market, and losing your customers to competitors who are utilizing modern sales tools. Imagine a world where those stresses are a thing of the past. That’s the world Genni creates for you. With Genni, your business buzzes 24/7 with efficient customer service, booking, engaging content complete with top-notch SEO – all while saving you time and money. Ready to join the Genni revolution and level up your business? Check out our demo, experience Genni live on your site, and watch as your business transforms from a customer sterner to a customer magnet with Genni!

Time to Level Up with Genni, Your AI Chatbot Assistant!

Ready to join the club of forward-thinking businesses acing their customer game and working smarter? Let’s get Genni on your team!

Here’s Why You’ll Love Genni:

1. Boost Those Bookings:

Get ready for a flood of bookings! Genni makes booking appointments online as smooth as silk. It’s all about more business, less hassle.

2. Give Your Team a High-Five:

Arm your crew with Genni, the ultimate tool to make their work life easier and your customer chats sparkle.

3. Content that Wows and Wins:

With Genni, it’s not just about chatting. It’s about creating and showcasing content that catches eyes and leads that stick. All in one neat package.

It’s Go Time!


4. Peek at Genni in Action:

Ever wonder how Genni would fit into your world? Check out our demo and see the magic unfold on your website.

5. Genni Live and Kicking on Your Site

Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into the live demo and play around with Genni right on your homepage. It’s fun, we promise!

This is your chance to transform how you do business. Boost those bookings, empower your team, and witness the magic of Genni in action. Ready to make the leap? Let’s infuse your business with the brilliance of Genni!

Genni + Your Business: Start The Ultimate Partnership NOW!

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