The BEST bunch of marketing professionals you’ll ever get to know. Seriously.

Taylor H. — Co-Founder & Crew Chief
Taylor is the perfect combination of frank and funny, and manages to lead the motley, yet brilliant crew of creatives at Spark Marketer to get the job done. Though he can’t spell, he is passionate about helping service business owners navigate the Internet oceans filled with sharks and unsavory pirates. If you ever get “Taylored”, consider yourself lucky –he does it for your own good and for the growth of your company!
Carter H. — Co-Founder & Crew Chief

Carter, the other big cheese at Spark Marketer, is a master of big words and cooking, though not at the same time. He is a perfectly balanced mixture of Yin & Yang, and has a fine-tuned eye for great design and storytelling. He is a lover of coffee, cigars, good books, and anything that is not sports related, and his soothing voice has earned him the honor of being our very own Morgan Freeman. In fact, many clients call just to hear his voice.

Tom S. — Director of Marketing
With his boyish good looks and polite demeanor, Tom is the “Gatsby” of Spark Marketer. But don’t let his good looks fool you, he’s also got brains and a marketing degree, which is why he’s our Director of Marketing. He is an avid Tennessee sports fan, but we love him anyway. Learn more about Tom in this quick intro video.
Chris P. — Client Relationship Manager
Chris is freakishly tall, so when he’s not communicating with clients and helping small businesses grow and thrive, he’s our “go-to-man” for reaching things on the top shelf (if Justin’s unavailable). He is also a Tennessee Titans fan, but we never claimed he was perfect – just tall. Learn a little more about Chris in this quick intro video.
Megan Z. — Onboarding Specialist
Megan is our Onboarding Specialist and acts as the go between for clients and writers, designers, and account managers in the early part of our relationship. There’s also rumor that she’s the office dog whisperer, but no official memo has been sent out. When not here in the office, Megan can be found playing with dogs, eating cheese, and working out — but can she do all three at once? We don’t yet know.

Megan enjoys Carly Rae Jepsen (check out Emotion Side B ASAP), hiking, mountains, and exploring new places. She’s been to 15+ countries and lived in Italy — yes, it was mostly for the pasta and gelato, judge away, she doesn’t care! Get to know Megan a little better in this quick intro video.

Tina R. — Accountant/HR
Tina is in and out of the office, but we’re always especially glad to see her around payday. Although she has enough headaches of her own, she selflessly deals with the majority of our accounting and paperwork, all while having a great sense of humor. Learn more about Tina in this quick intro video.
Jessica S. — Content Brand Specialist/Voice of the Brand

Jessica is our content brand specialist and the machine that takes Taylor’s thoughts and puts them into words. She spends a great deal of her time writing articles, site content, the Spark blog, and any other content needed ASAP. She has just enough knowledge about plumbing, basement waterproofing, chimney care, and HVAC to guilt-trip anyone in the DIY business into hiring a professional. When she’s not working, she can be found reading, crafting, watching Golden Girls, or down in the studio working on new music.

For more on Jessica (including cute pics of her dog) watch this quick intro video.

Fred B. — System Administrator
Fred is Spark Marketer’s resident Indiana Jones. When he’s not traveling the world or out in the wilderness helping keep Boy Scouts alive, Fred’s keeping a close eye on our clients’ websites and Spark Marketer’s servers. He also helps our customers track down lost website domain registrations and website hosting accounts, plans site migrations, and sets up new email services. Learn more about Fred (trust us, you want to) right here in this quick intro video.
Jonathan S. — Engagement Specialist
Jonathan has been with us from the start and knows a little bit about every aspect of the business. He spends the majority of his days working on video, managing Spark Marketer’s social media accounts, fixing problems, making “dad jokes,” and being the world’s nerdiest hipster. He’s also largely responsible for ensuring we all have enough coffee and cat/dog videos to get through the day, so naturally, we love him. Learn more about Jonathan in this quick intro video.
Jonny L. — Lead Products Specialist
Jonny is our Lead Product Specialist, making sure all products run smoothly and answering questions to her best ability. She is a huge literature nerd and thrives on memes, dad jokes, and puns. She’s also a part of multiple fandoms and aims to be the geekiest person alive. Jonny is an avid believer in the Oxford comma because obviously. Oxford 4EVER.

Check out Jonny’s intro video right here.

Amber K. — Digital Marketing Strategist

Amber is from a small town in Missouri, which might explain her love for cows. The only thing she loves more than cows is shoes (specifically Cole Haan kicks) and dogs. Now based out of Arizona where she swears “it’s a cool 100,” Amber spends a lot of her time on competitor research, image/video creation, analyzing numbers and CTRs, checking pixels, stalking company Facebook pages, and working on funnels. She lives in Ads Manager 24/7 and when she needs a pick-me-up, she goes for tea, not coffee. No coffee. Never.

Learn more about Amber in this short intro video.

Christian R. — Lead Account Manager
Christian is our resident Texan (now that Alex moved back to Texas) and our lead account manager. He’s also a Photoshop beast and an incredibly versatile and talented artist. He religiously follows the professional gaming scene of StarCraft.

Learn more about Christian right here.

Shane L. — Assistant Content Manager

As the Assistant Content Manager, Shane’s responsible for managing our blog writers, proofreading, and assisting with a variety of content related tasks. He’s a graduate of Vanderbilt, and like most grads, Shane’s a big fan of Vanderbilt athletics. His hobbies include writing poetry, trivia, going to the movies, and listening to his vinyl collection (which he thinks is better than yours). He’s also pretty proud of the fact that he shares a birthday with two of television’s greatest shows: The Twilight Zone and Scrubs.

Aaron B. — Account Manager
Aaron spends most of his time making sure each of his clients’ businesses is thriving. He’s a proud East Nashvillian, a Boston Red Sox and New England Patriot’s fan, a father of two, and a music and audio aficionado. He currently stands as our 3rd tallest employee.

Learn more about Aaron in this quick intro video.

Justin G. — Account Manager
Justin has overshadowed Chris as Spark Marketer’s tallest employee. He spends his days communicating with clients, facilitating their requests, monitoring their online reputation, and going the extra mile to help them succeed. Fun fact: Justin has NEVER been full in his life, and his typical Taco Bell order includes: 4 Crunchy Tacos, 4 Soft Tacos, 1 Quesarito, 1 Grilled Stuffed Burrito, and Nachos Bellgrande. Although he’s never officially entered an eating contest, we’re sure he would win.

Check out Justin’s intro video.

Caroline S. — Account Manager

こんにちは!キャロラインを紹介しますJapanese a bit rusty? We’ll translate for you: “Hi! Meet Caroline!” Before becoming an account manager here at Spark Marketer, Caroline lived in Japan for a year. She’s fluent in Japanese so if you need help translating a song or comic, she’s your girl! When she’s not helping her clients or the other account managers, Caroline can be found whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, listening to music or her favorite podcast, Lore, or spending time with her boyfriend.

Learn more about Caroline in this quick intro video.

Tiffany P. — Account Manager

Tiffany is our resident prodigal child, returned home to much jubilee and celebration. She’s essentially 29 and 79 at the same time, which makes her both wise beyond her years and lively for her age. Her loves are creating and consuming music and content, crafting, caring for her house plants, and being the coolest person in the room. If you ever need to kiss up or apologize, send makeup or succulents. She’ll forgive you.