Fred Brewer has brought a wealth of knowledge to the team, and has taken a large load off of Carter’s shoulders. He manages the website migrations, as well as checks on the overall health of the websites of our clients. Many of you don’t hear from Fred all that often, since most of his work goes on in the background. Make no mistake, though. His work is vital to the service we provide all of our clients. I sat down with Fred recently, and he told me a little bit about his background.

Fred & Wife at Pyramids - Spark Marketer

Fred and his wife Jane at the Pyramids in Egypt.

Jonathan Sanders: How long have you been with Spark Marketer?

Fred Brewer: I started near the middle of June of this year.

JS: What type of work experience do you bring, and how does it help with your work here?

FB: Well, I have a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, with a major in Computer Science. My first job was as a software developer at a research facility in Canada. Then I transitioned to engineering. I went from engineering to marketing, marketing to sales, and then finally to developing websites after I left a large corporate office. Originally I got into web development on a volunteer basis, which I still do sometimes. All of this experience leads perfectly into what I do here, just on a larger scale.

JS: What are your specific roles here at Spark Marketer?

FB: My title is web server admin. One of the primary focuses has been migrating sites of our clients over to our servers. I also maintain the websites, which involves things like updating WordPress, updating plugins, and maintaining the overall health of the sites. I also troubleshoot any time there are performance issues. Generally, I play detective with any issue that comes up regarding a client site and/or email.

JS: What is your favorite thing about what you bring to clients?

FB: I’ve always liked talking and working with customers. Over the years when I made the transition to marketing and sales, I realized that I liked doing that. Sometimes I can be a little gabby, but that’s okay.

JS: I’ve always been a big believer that your tastes in films say a lot about your personality. Neither good nor bad, but a picture nonetheless. What are your favorite films and why?

FB: I like action packed movies, like the Bourne movies. I like a lot of science fiction, and got hooked on it with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Mop Tops & Guitars - Fred Brewer - Spark Marketer

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JS: If you could see anyone from any era in concert, who would it be?

FB: I would have loved to have gone to see the Beatles. Especially one of their earlier concerts. I remember when they came out, I was in grade school. Once, we had a show at school…a skit type of thing…with the Beatles’ mop tops and guitars for the parents. Some of the parents didn’t really appreciate it at the time.

JS: What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

FB: I don’t have just a book. My favorite author is Isaac Asimov. I have pretty much all of his books, and every few years I pull them out and start reading. The amazing thing is that I don’t recall how it ends until I’m pretty far into the re-read. What I like the most about Asimov’s books is how he told a story with the individual books, but also told a singular story with all of his books combined. While he didn’t write the books in chronological order, I’ve rearranged them into that order once I realized all the stories were connected. Interestingly, you can tell his books are a product of his era. He started writing them in the 1940’s, so there is a lot of tobacco use, which wasn’t taboo back then. Also, he never thought about cell phones, so characters are always looking for land line phones to make a call in a story that is set thousands of years in the future!

JS: What did you listen to on the way in to the office today?

FB: Well…it was a country western station. Just whatever was on the radio.

JS: Do you have any pets, and if so, what are their names?

FB: My grandkids! Actually, we don’t have any pets, but we do inherit my son’s cats whenever he goes out of town.