What was the spark that started it all?

About Us

Spark Marketer began as a quiet way for our parent company to provide favorable packaged pricing to a select few chimney service companies across the United States, and quickly turned into an avalanche of requests from multiple service industries, all of whom needed more than they were being offered elsewhere.  We earned a reputation as a one-stop shop, able to get results and take the huge and growing burden of internet marketing off the shoulders of our clients. Within months (and only through word-of-mouth referrals), our business exploded. It was like someone had poured gasoline on a hay bale and tossed on the proverbial “spark”.

And a company was born.

Our goal is certain and our mission is clear.

  • We want our local service business clients to be treated like they were a big fish at a big agency.
  • We want them to enjoy the advantages of having a team of well-trained experts working to make the needle move in their business.
  • We want to provide more than simple online marketing services; we want to provide knowledge, experience and advice to business owners seeking to take things to the next level.
  • We want to help our clients develop their own pipeline – one that they own and control – which will continue to bring them new business year after year.
  • We want to have their appreciation and loyalty because we commit to them, by working closely with them in their business, their industry and their local market.
  • We want the satisfaction of knowing that the reason our clients are growing and thriving is because we had an important part to play, and we stepped up… by doing what we said we would do for them.
  • We want to be that rare thing in the world of business; a trusted partner.

I have trusted the people at Spark Marketer with my entire online presence and it has been the best decision I have ever made in the “ever changing” world of Internet and website marketing.

Mark Stoner

Owner, Ashbusters Chimney Service