The *Virtual* “Finally Nail Facebook” Workshop You’ve Been Waiting for…

presented by Spark Marketer

Join us July 30 & July 31

from anywhere!

10am – 1 pm CST (followed by 1 hour of Q & A)

Join us for our Facebook Workshop and finally feel confident in your Facebook efforts.

What will you get when you attend?

☑️ Actionable insights and amazing training on how to grow your business using Facebook organic and Facebook Ads (at a fraction of the normal price)

☑️ Downloads of the slide decks and recordings of the workshop to re-watch later, so you won’t get a hand cramp trying to write down every single thing you learn

☑️ Printable action plans to help you take the next best step after we wrap up the workshops

☑️ Live Q&A with the speakers so you can get your most pressing questions answered

☑️ A free 30-minute call with any one of the workshop speakers to go over any info and strategies you may still need clarification on

☑️ Access to our exclusive Facebook group for ongoing support, ideas, and tips


Stop waiting on your customer to find you and start putting your company name in front of the right customers.

Why Invest Time & Energy Into Facebook…Especially Right Now?

Here’s the reality: Facebook WORKS. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t see industry leaders using it to consistently grow their businesses.

In fact, our clients who have continued to market and be aggressive on Facebook are *still* getting more traffic to their sites than they were a year ago.

Here are four reasons to invest in Facebook training right now:

  1. With 71%** of US adults active on Facebook, it is one of today’s leading platforms for brands looking to build brand awareness and engage existing and potential customers.
  2. Facebook has 1.49 billion daily active users who spend an average of 20 minutes a day on the site. How many potential customers could you reach by meeting them where they are (ahem, on Facebook)? **We can pretty much guarantee your customers are spending more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook right now…people are practically glued to it because of the election year and the need for news updates.
  3. Your company is more than just the services you provide and the products that you sell. Now is a great time to celebrate the people and things that make your business great by using Facebook to tell your brand’s story.
  4. With Facebook, you can re-target customers when they are in the decision-making process, and turn more leads into paying customers.

Day 1 – Facebook 101

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with Facebook is that they try to run before they can walk. You’ve got to get the basics down first, and that’s what Day 1 is about. At the end of Day 1, you will:

  • Understand your Facebook timeline/ personal user dashboard
  • Have a fully set-up Facebook business page
  • Be able to locate key aspects of your Facebook Business Page
  • Be able to respond, post, and interact as your business on Facebook
  • Understand what Facebook Ads are and how to use them
  • Understand basic boosting and audience creation
  • Know how to utilize Facebook Stories
  • Be able to edit images and create social collateral

Day 2 – Facebook 201

Day 2 is when we’ll get into the really good stuff. After attending the advanced workshop you will:

  • Have a fully set up Facebook Business & Ads Manager Account
  • Understand your audience segments for advertising on Facebook
  • Understand Facebook Ad structure and campaign format
  • Be able to assess page/post performance using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics
  • Be able to set up basic Facebook Messenger auto-responders
  • Be able to create branded content to use throughout social media marketing efforts

Who Are We & Why Are We The Facebook Gurus To Learn From?

Spark Marketer is a digital marketing agency based in Nashville, Tennessee that has helped hundreds of home service contractors grow their businesses over the past 10 years.

We’re jacks-and-jills-of-all-things-internet marketing, from websites and SEO to Facebook and Google Ads. So, when many of our clients came forward asking for a more dedicated workshop focused on Facebook and how to use it in their businesses, you better believe we answered!

We held our first Facebook workshop in May 2019 and it was even more successful than we’d hoped. Our Facebook team and their collective experience, training, and expert insight really blew workshop attendees away. Word got out to those who’d missed the workshop, and in the words of Billy Idol, people wanted “More, more, more.”

Well, we’ve never been ones to not deliver. That’s why we’re now offering the workshop *virtually*. Now’s your chance to learn everything you’ve wanted (and needed) to know about using Facebook for business growth and brand awareness – without making travel arrangements and hopping on a plane to Nashville. Heck, you don’t even have to put on pants. (Don’t worry, we will.)

Meet your FB Yodas

Our Facebook coaches are seasoned veterans of the marketing and Facebook/social media world, and are here to deliver the knowledge, expertise, insights, and tools you need. The team here at Spark Marketer works hard to stay ahead of changes and up-to-date on marketing trends, so you know you’re getting the latest the industry has to offer. In other words, this training will be worth every penny. 

Amber Krigbaum

Digital Marketing Specialist & dog lover

Tiffany Perkins

Social Media Specialist and indoor plant aficionado

Jonathan Sanders

Video Guru & avid Subaru advocate

Taylor Hill

CEO, Speaker & Keto diet enthusiast 

Register now & learn how to wield the Facebook force for good!

Don’t go another year wondering how everyone else is getting leads and building brand awareness through Facebook. Register for the workshop, and learn exactly what you need to be doing to get results.

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