Every service business needs four key things for success...

A map, an engine, a driver and a crew.
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1. The Map

Where are you right now? And where are you going?

You are in a great place for that discussion. We’ve helped businesses just like yours chart a course for serious growth. It’s time to quit settling for the results from your Big Phone Book Company. We aren’t just another marketing service. We build dream businesses.

2. The Engine

Forget going from A to B. Start thinking about C.

Our online marketing system is a complete, high-performance engine under the hood of your business. We’ve spent years engineering a system with just the right mix of speed, power and control for blue-collar service businesses like yours.

3. The Driver

You’re in control and headed to success.

We want to empower you to drive the whole journey to your dreams, whatever they may be, so that when you get there, you’ll know it was you who made the right decisions that got you there.  It’s a privilege to help our clients win, and be rewarded with their loyalty.

4. The Crew

Working hard to keep you on the road to success.

A good Pit Crew will do more than fix things when they break. They anticipate needs, keeping your business in the winner’s circle every year.  Nothing makes our Crew happier than having a client who will let us work hard for a winning business!

“Sometimes you may not feel brave enough to change your life. Change can be scary. Doing things for the first time or stepping into the unknown can be pretty frightening. You may feel like you need some courage to make those changes you want, to take those first steps. I trust the System and people at Spark Marketer with my entire online presence and it has been the best decision I have ever made in the “always changing” world of Internet and website marketing.”

Mark Stoner

Multiple Service Business Owner, Client, & Author of "Blue Collar Gold"

Every journey starts with a map.

Let us perform a FREE complete inspection of your online presence, and give you a summary report of what we find. Then let’s talk about where you and your business are headed in the months and years to come, so we can get a picture of the journey you’re on. Then we’ll introduce you to the plan, the engine, and the crew to help you get there, with more time left to enjoy the destination.