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Get the Reputation Monitor™ and never let a negative review go unnoticed or unanswered.
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Get the Review Solution® and start racking up legitimate positive reviews from your customers today.
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Every service business must focus on three areas for online success:


You can be sure that your customers are talking about you online, but do you know what they’re saying? Monitoring your company’s online reputation is essential, and staying part of the conversation can be very rewarding.


How do you tell the world how great your business is? You let other people tell them for you. Now more than ever, online reviews matter, and the company with the most good reviews gets the phone calls.


In the race to success, being found at the right moment by customers needing your services is everything. Being present in the right places online can mean the difference between a phone that’s ringing off the wall and crickets.

Become a happy client. Get marketing tools and services for your local service business.

I have trusted the people at Spark Marketer with my entire online presence and it has been the best decision I have ever made in the “ever changing” world of Internet and website marketing.

Mark Stoner

Owner, Ashbusters Chimney Service

Before I met you and the Spark Marketer Crew, I was paying richly for the privilege of having Yellow Pages look after my online presence. Results were lackluster at best, and most calls we did get were price shoppers. You took over my account, and now I get 200% better activity and the phone calls are truly interested in what Unlimited Security offers. Your expertise has proven to be worth every penny, and I thank you.

Linda Stubblefield

Owner, Unlimited Security

Thank you all for all the work you all do. This is one area of my business that I always know is working correctly.

Doug Hetsch

Owner, All American Chimney Service


With the tools in the Spark Toolbox™, you can:

Track & Improve Your Online Reputation

When a bad review goes unnoticed and unaddressed, you not only miss a chance to convert an unsatisfied client to a satisfied client, but you also miss out on gaining new customers who will see the negative review and choose to work with someone else. According to a 2014 consumer review survey, 90% of people read reviews when deciding which local businesses to work with. If the majority of your reviews are negative and unanswered, anyone reading them will assume that you don’t care about your reputation or your customers. Get the Reputation Monitor™ and never worry about a negative review going unnoticed or unanswered again! It’s like having dozens of assistants to make sure that you don’t miss a single online mention, review, or social customer care opportunity, even when you’re working on other aspects of your business. Finding all of your reviews and displaying them in one dashboard is just one thing that the Reputation Monitor™ does well. Learn more about how this tool can help you stay in control of your online reputation.


Your potential customers who have read reviews to decide which local business to work with.

Increase Your Positive Reviews & Build Trust

Studies show that each year, more and more consumers are reading reviews before choosing a local business. In fact, 92% of consumers who read reviews say that they read up to 10 reviews before calling a local business, and 88% of them trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Are your reviews building trust? Not only do positive reviews build trust, but they currently seem to be helping businesses in search results, especially with mobile and local searches. A lack of positive reviews makes your business look less experienced and will have your competitors with more reviews getting the customer calls that you want and deserve. Getting positive reviews online is one of the biggest challenges that service businesses face, but we’ve got what you might call (and we do call) a review solution.

Get The One, The Only: Review Solution®

The Review Solution® tool allows you to get feedback at the moment of the service, and makes the entire process easier for both employees and customers. The tool can help drive more reviews to the top review sites, and helps you address dissatisfied customers privately and offline. Learn more about how the Review Solution® can boost your online reputation and keep your phone ringing.

  • Say that reviews help them trust a business more 72%
  • Trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations 88%
  • Read up to 10 reviews before deciding 92%
  • Will take some sort of action after reading a positive review 72%

Improve Your Visibility & Fix The Accuracy Of Your Online Listings

The average business has 68 online listings. Nearly half of those listings have inaccuracies that are affecting online visibility.

How many times have you searched for a business only to find conflicting information or missing information? Did you bother trying to determine which was the correct address and phone number, or did you simply move on to another business? If your potential customers can’t find your phone number or address, or if there are inconsistencies across the Internet, you won’t just lose out on potential business, you’ll also lose authority with Google (and be less likely to show up in search results). Get the Reputation Monitor™ tool as part of the Spark Toolbox™, and you’ll be able to see which of your business’ listings are missing or inaccurate so that you can make the necessary corrections. We also have a dedicated crew of local listings specialists to do the ongoing work of building and managing your local presence listings for you. And our clients all agree we do this better than Yext, Superpages, YP, Hibu or Berry Co. Plus, there’s no annual contract or pushy salespeople! Interested?

The average service business has

Online listings


of these listings are inaccurate.