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Want to learn how to market your home service business, without wading through all the “bull” other marketers are infamous for? Spark Live is for you.

This weekly show features Taylor Hill and Carter Harkins, the co-founders of the balls-to-the-wall, no “bull” marketing company, Spark Marketer. Taylor and Carter have years of experience helping home service businesses across the country use the digital landscape to their advantage.

Each episode, they’ll tackle another topic designed to demystify modern marketing and make you a force to be reckoned with in your local market. Because no one should be kept in the dark about their marketing.

SparkLive Carter&Taylor - Spark Marketer

Join Taylor and Carter live every Thursday at 3 pm CST on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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Meet the Hosts

Carter Harkins

When not recording the show, you’ll probably find Carter on his patio, enjoying a cigar while punching out some work on his laptop. Married for 15 years to the same woman (a saint, if for no other reason than that), they live in Nashville with their son. Together with Taylor Hill, he owns Spark Marketer, an online marketing company that helps local blue-collar businesses grow.


Taylor Hill

You can almost bet that when you meet Taylor, you’ll also meet his dogs. They are just part of the package, and what a deal! Taylor and his wife of 14 years live in Nashville, where he and Carter own and manage Spark Marketer, a specialty online marketing agency helping over 100 local blue-collar service businesses grow big.


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But Wait There’s More!

Blue Collar Proud, written by the co-founders of Spark Marketer, shares with you Taylor & Carter’s Ten Principles of Blue Collar Business Success, developed after talking and working with hundreds of business owners across the world.

Want to learn the biggest challenges facing blue collar business owners today, and what you can do to make sure your business survives and thrives? Read the book to find out how.