We’ve got an amazing crew.
All that’s missing is you!

(A few of your future co-workers, excited to meet you!)

Here at Spark Marketer, we’re always looking for new crew members who can help us better serve the businesses we partner with. Are we looking for you? Read a little more about what we do, and how and why we do it, to see if we’re a match made in heaven.

Our passion is serving the blue-collar business owners of the world, helping them grow the companies they’ve always dreamed of. We’re Blue Collar Proud! Why? Because when we’re able to help honest, hard-working businesses grow, they create more jobs, which makes their communities better, safer places to live. And a stronger working middle class makes for a stronger economy for us all. See? It’s not just about marketing services for us — it’s about changing the world in our own big way, one client at a time.

Our mission is to be the trusted marketing partner for these amazing businesses — to do the hard online marketing work that gets them in front of more people, so they can focus on doing what they do best: providing amazing customer service experiences. If you’ve worked at other online marketing agencies, you may have an idea of how we do things, but you’d probably be wrong. We don’t do things the way other guys do…

The way we do work is different. The way we communicate is different. The way we hire is different.

In the marketing world, it’s commonplace for companies to lose around 40 percent of their clients every year. What’s even more common is an employee churn rate of 50 percent per year. We think that’s a major problem. How can you do a good job creating value in the world, if you don’t do a good job of creating value for the businesses you partner with and the employees you hire?

When employees are miserable, forced to jump through impossible hoops, meet double standards, and sacrifice having a life in order to keep a job, there’s no way they will bring their best to that job. And why should they? It probably won’t be appreciated anyway. And how does any business expect to keep clients happy when those clients get tossed around every time they call, assigned to the newest hires, hires who don’t yet have the training to really help, and don’t yet know anything about the client they are helping? It’s a commonplace and miserable experience for employees and the businesses they serve. We made our company different on purpose. So get to know us!

Instead of giving you the official recruiting speech meant to snow you into thinking we’re awesome, our amazing employees thought you should just hear it straight from them. How many marketing companies do you know that would dare to be that transparent? (See…told you we were different!)

Here’s what our Crew has to say about working at Spark Marketer:

“I enjoy learning and solving problems. Everyday seems to bring something new where I need to solve a new problem or look at an old problem in a new light. Spark Marketer gives me the opportunity to explore these issues, the flexibility to use new approaches, and the encouragement to succeed. I feel like I am an integral part of a team. I enjoy working with everyone at Spark Marketer and our customers.”

Fred B.

“When I was looking for a position after college, I wanted a place where I could help solve problems, use technology in some capacity, and have the opportunity to use my Marketing degree. Spark Marketer fit all three criteria. Spark Marketer allows me to be an integral part of a growing company that serves the needs of an under-served niche, something I did not anticipate valuing originally. The people here are all aligned with where we are going as a company and have created a unique culture of community, integrity, accountability, and fun.”

Tom S.

“I love the flexibility this job provides, not to mention the co-workers that will drop everything to help you out with a question/problem!”

Maureen M.

“It’s the first job I’ve had where I believe in what I’m doing, and where people believe in me.”

Jonathan S.

“After working in several jobs that really didn’t accomplish any tangible ‘good,’ I now have a job in which I get to help people achieve their dreams as small business owners, by helping them navigate a part of their business that they would otherwise not have the knowledge or skill sets to navigate. I also appreciate the culture of our office. I feel like I am more than just a means to an end as an employee. There is no one here that I do not consider a friend and I know that if I ever needed anything I could call any one of the people I work with, my bosses included, and they would be there for me. I feel like this is a truly unique company in that respect and I consider myself lucky to be a part of it.”

Chris P.

“We have a connection here unlike anywhere else, and bosses that help and assist us in any way possible. I also like the fact that there are certain standards and unchangeables associated with the work that we do, but our industry is ever evolving as Google advances, so we’re always learning and progressing as well. I’ve always enjoyed the aspect of the “team”. We’re always there for each other and assist each other to accomplish goals and tasks.”

Justin G.

Are you a good fit for these team roles?

We’re looking for the following team roles. If you think you’d be a good fit, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

We’d love to hear from you!

Assistant Digital Strategist

This is an entry level position and we will be training you for the position of Assistant Digital Strategist:

Paid Facebook Ads which includes:

  • Business and ads manager set up
  • Pixel installation & troubleshooting
  • Standard event and custom event creation
  • Analyzing and monitoring attribution
  • Writing copy and headlines
  • Creating videos and graphics for ads
  • Monitoring ad performance
  • Additional edits
  • Research industry & Facebook changes

Organic Social Media which includes:

  • Writing, editing, and scheduling social media posts
  • Creating graphics in Canva
  • Responding to social media posts and comments

Internal Marketing which includes:

  • Develop new marketing ideas and strategies
  • Research different customer and client demographics
  • Assist with company social media ads and posts
  • Assisting with Spark Facebook Live series planning and scheduling

You will report directly to the Digital Marketing Strategist and Marketing Director.

The following skills are paramount to this position.

  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Understanding data
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changing environment
  • Problem solving
  • Excellent written and verbal communication

More about us:

We’re a 100% remote company that understands that our employees are fully dimensional human beings and that life and work can’t always be neatly separated. We’ve worked hard to create a culture that encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work and let their freak flags fly. Which means, you won’t see any eye rolls when your kid, Jucat, or pup demands attention during an all-hands-on-deck Zoom meeting. And you won’t be judged for leaving early for a TSwift meet-and-greet or Magic the Gathering conference (Are those even real? We’ll have to ask Account Owner, Chris Pitts.)

Autonomy, radical candor, and initiative are musts for anyone joining the team. And because we are all remote, excellent written and verbal communication is a requirement.

As a company, we are respectful of differences of opinion, lifestyle, etc., and we require that of our team members as well. If you have a hard time respecting and serving those who think differently than you do, we’re not the company for you. If you’re curious, unafraid of trying new things, and have a passion for doing work that has real world impacts, we’d love to hear fromyou.

We support your home office with video conferencing, phone (if your position requires it), computer, and all the software necessary to support your position. That will include GSuite, Slack, Voxer, Facebook, Dropbox, and Teamwork.

We also try to bring everyone to Nashville, TN, at company expense, together at least once a year for a full company meeting. This has been suspended during Covid-19 but will be a requirement at some point in the future.

Content & Design Assistant

Description: Our Content & Design Assistant position is for a Jack- or Jill of all trades. You can throw together a website banner, build a new infographic, or color correct an image for an ad in the blink of an eye, all while juggling three other background projects. You’ll be backup to Shane, Jessica S., and Girish, making sure our client sites are looking fresh and our internal projects keep on keepin’ on.

  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS, basic JS a plus
    • Ability to create basic web page code, find errors in code and fix accordingly
    • Edit and upload site files/images using FTP client and desktop code editor
  • Proficiency in WordPress
    • Ability to add/edit pages and posts with content, images, videos, iframes
    • Ability to copy/edit source files using child themes and WP Editor
    • Ability to do research on, upload, create, and navigate settings on various plugins for various websites – particularly mobile sites
    • Familiarity with Divi a plus
  • Proficiency in Adobe products including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
    • Photoshop: photo creation for websites (backgrounds, banners, ads buttons, etc.), photo editing/color correction, image optimization, formatting
    • Illustrator: create shapes, icons, logos, and patterns; proficient with pen tool, gradients, blending, etc., alter type and shapes, vectorize images, and output for print
    • InDesign: knowledge of page layout for various print projects, formatting and controlling lype layouts, packaging final print files, print production
  • Ability to search for royalty-free images for print projects, site designs, location pages, and internal projects
  • Ability to write in a friendly and informative tone about technical topics, comfortable editing own work and others’
  • Flexibility and attention to detail required
  • Previous experience with Facebook ads preferred
Writing Internship Opportunity

Do you have a creative mind? Do you enjoy finding new ways to say things? Can you write about anything, given an angle and a little time to research? Do you love the Oxford comma? If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you! We are looking for talented interns to write original website and blog post copy for clients primarily in the service industry. The ideal candidate will be a current student with excellent grammar and typing skills, and the ability to consistently put out quality, flowing, informative, easy to read content.

Site pages will need to be 600+ words in length. We’ll provide examples to help you with formatting and style, but it’s imperative that you use ORIGINAL COPY EACH AND EVERY TIME. If you consider CTRL+C and CTRL+V writing, DO NOT waste your time or ours.


  • UNIQUE CULTURE & RELAXED ENVIRONMENT IN EAST NASHVILLE. You’ll be working in a relaxed environment (beanies & tees welcome) with friendly people who genuinely care about what they do. Plus, there are 6 coffee shops in close proximity.
  • ROOM FOR GROWTH. If an intern is a good fit for the company, there is a possibility that he or she will be brought on as a full-time writer down the road.

If you’d like to learn more about this PAID INTERNSHIP, please get in touch. Cheers!

Administrative Assistant

You probably already keep at least one other person in your life a little more organized without even thinking much about it. Yeah, you just can’t help it, can you? You love being appreciated for the extra thoughtfulness and planning you are so good at. It’s a gift, really. You actually relish a challenge, a new place to shine… If this describes you, we simply must talk! Taylor and Carter would love to tell you everything they are up to, and just hear your amazing ideas about how you think you could help them get there sooner, all in one piece, looking like they didn’t even break a sweat. Depending on what you think you could accomplish with what you have to work with, we can talk about a contract, part- or -full-time employment arrangement.

Wordpress Maker

Okay, so maybe you’ve never contributed to core, but PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, WP codex, themes and plugins aren’t exactly foreign languages to you, either. You get it done, and what you don’t know at the beginning you’ll know before the project is over. Everything just works better after your hands have been on it. You’re a resourceful problem solver with a utility belt full of tools, ready to tackle any mountain in your way, and make things you can really be proud of. You prefer to have a general understanding of what’s needed, and then be turned loose to come up with a killer solution on your own. Shoulders are for patting, not looking over, amirite? You like the code, but you’re no slouch with Adobe Creative Suite, either. Whatever it takes to get it done without having to wait for someone else. And besides, you like the variety. With chops like this, you probably already have a lot of gigs going, and that’s cool with us. Let’s talk about how we can work together to give you what you’re looking for out of the deal: contract, part- or full-time are all a possibility for the right person. Remote, too. Introduce yourself!

Apply below!

  • Max. file size: 3 MB.

*We are a 100% remote workplace with a pleasant, flexible, and supportive culture. Benefits for full-time employees begin after 90 days and include health, dental, and vision.