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Meet the plan that’s proven to get the wheels turning for home service businesses.

Imagine if buying and pricing a new car meant walking through a warehouse and picking out every component — from the driveshaft to the clutch shoe. Even if every part was labeled, would you have any idea what was really needed to make the car road-worthy and what you could do without? And would your car needs be so unique that starting from scratch would make sense?

Of course not. That’s why car dealerships start with a stock model and let you customize by choosing the “nice to haves,” not the “must haves.” The must haves are non-negotiables. If you don’t have all of those components, your car’s going nowhere. Sunroof or no sunroof.

It’s no different with your online marketing.

If you want traction, there are components your plan just has to have. They’re the non-negotiables. Without them, you may spin your wheels, but you won’t get where you’re going.

We don’t offer piecemeal marketing because we know that wheels and a steering wheel do not a car make. We’ve worked with over 170 home service businesses and we know what gets results. The Exclusive Plan gets results. 

So, if you want to outpace the competition, you have to start here.

But we’re also not a “one size fits all” marketing company. We’ve got some other plans to meet your needs and budget. Click the button below to get in touch and we’ll go over your options with you. 

What’s Included in the Exclusive Plan?*

  • Mobile-responsive, SEO-optimized website
  • Site backups, updates, security & hosting
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Ongoing Google posts
  • Google Business Profile (GBP) management (x4)
  • Top citations and directories
  • Listings management
  • Link building – Support & research
  • Call tracking recording – Setup and ongoing monitoring
  • Spark Review Engine – To keep the reviews comin’
  • Service cluster blog posts quarterly
  • ADA compliance
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Speedboost
  • Strategic marketing support
  • Organic Facebook management – Includes boosted posts
  • Negative review response assistance
  • YouTube optimization
  • G Suite support (if needed)
  • Three website audits per year
  • Website refresh every three years
  • Quarterly local PR – Everything except PR distribution costs
  • Quarterly email campaigns**
  • Market/Industry exclusivity
  • Dedicated Account Owner – Reachable by phone & email
  • One video shoot per year over 2 days (does not include still photos or travel expenses)

*Client commitment (communication, participation, engagement) is required for some services in this package
**When your email list reaches a certain size, you will need to pay an additional fee for emails.

What’s it Cost?

We know how annoying it is when marketing companies don’t put their pricing on their sites. You see the words, “Call for a quote” and think: They just want to get me on the phone and then drop the price bomb. Definitely too expensive.

Or, you might think they have something to hide.

Well, while pricing can vary depending on a number of factors, we can at least give you a ballpark. So you can decide if it fits with your budget, before you carve out time in your schedule to pick up the phone.

Our Exclusive Plan will run you anywhere from $3,000-$5,000/month. That includes everything you see in the checklist above. We’ve got a couple other plans available that don’t include everything above available as well. The best way to determine which one is right for you is to give us a call so we can lay out the options for you. 

Wait, how can there be a price range for the plan when everyone gets the same services?

Great question. Well, let’s take a step back.

Yes, we are technically offering everyone the same services in the Exclusive Plan. But we don’t fit you to the services, we fit the services to you. We get to know your business and your goals, and use the Exclusive Plan as part of a custom marketing strategy designed just for you. And if the full Exclusive Plan isn’t the right one for your specific needs, we’ll tell you which of our other plans makes the most sense for you. 

Common sense, right?

So, yes, it is a formalized plan. But you’re not getting cookie-cutter service.

Here are a couple of other factors that can drive up costs:

1. Extreme market competition – If your market is highly competitive, you’ll likely have to spend more ad dollars, which will require more ads management. That added time and effort can translate to added monthly costs. Because our Ads Specialists demand that we pay them for their time. We know, we know. We’re working on it.

2. Competing in multiple industries – Let’s say you specialize in both plumbing and electrical. Well, one: you’re awesome. But two: that means you’re competing in two different verticals in your market. Which means more ad dollars and more ads management. So, competing in multiple industries can drive up your monthly plan costs.

I’ve seen online marketing companies offering similar services at cheaper prices. What could drive costs down?

It’s true, other companies may offer cheaper prices. But before you go with the cheapest option, find out:

  • Do they use untrained, low-quality, high-churn labor pools from disreputable sources?
  • Are they offering you the same thing everyone else gets, the same way everyone else gets it, without any real strategy behind it?
  • Do they have a staff of inexperienced generalists or a staff of highly trained specialists?

We’re not offering cookie-cutter marketing. We’re offering a comprehensive marketing strategy. That’s what the Exclusive Plan is. And yes, having a hand-picked staff of continuously trained specialists right here in the U.S. is more expensive, but it allows us to safeguard results and guarantee better service. It ensures you’ll have qualified eyes on every aspect of your account, all. the. time.

P The Add-Ons

Now, we already know this plan will get you going. But there are other components that you can add to the plan to help you hit your goals faster. Whether or not you want or need these add-ons will depend on your market, industry, and specific growth goals.

Let’s talk cars again for just a second. A car doesn’t need a supercharger and a tow package, but those may help with what you’re trying to do, so you might want them. It’s the same thing here.

So, what add-ons do we offer?

  • Facebook Ads Management – Includes Pixel setup, ad creation, and more
  • Google Ads Management – Includes tracking, ad creation, and more
  • Professional Photos + Videos – Includes a 2 day visit to your business, b-roll footage, and more

Costs here will depend on factors like the competition in your market, the types of campaigns you’re running, what your video needs are, and things like that.

When we started working with Spark Marketer we were already behind where marketing online was concerned. They were able to build on what we had done right, correct some issues that were hurting us, and put us on a path to the most successful season we have had to date.

James Owens

Owner, Owens Chimney Systems

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