When coming up with ideas for blog posts for your business web site, there’s no need to stress! Oftentimes there are good, quick ideas right at your fingertips. Read the list of 10 instant ideas below, and use them to help stimulate your thinking for the two blog post topics you would like us to write about this month on your blog.

  1. Take a look at the navigation menu on your web site. See any services that are going to be getting busier in the next two months? Pick one, and let’s get something timely written about it. By getting slightly ahead of your season, we will be laying the groundwork for even better results. Can’t think of any other topic ideas? You’ll never go wrong with this one!
  2. What’s one question you are frequently asked by new customers? This can be an excellent “explainer post”. You’ll be helping your potential customers know what to expect when working with you, and answering a common question they all seem to ask… it’s a win-win!
  3. What is one typical issue you saw on a job this week? You know the one we are talking about… it’s the same issue that you’ve seen a thousand times before, and it’s really starting to make you wonder why… Your potential customers may have the same issue, and would appreciate learning more about it.
  4. Is there a new product or service in your business that you want people to know about? Tell us what it is, and we can help you promote it with a blog post. People are attracted to “New” and it’s a great way to make an announcement about your commitment to leading the industry in your area with better service and better products, all designed to help your customer feel better about choosing you!
  5. What is one common misconception your customers have about what you do? Maybe it’s a confusing term people always misunderstand, or a process that they have no way of getting their heads around without an expert explanation. Let’s set the record straight, and help you communicate the value of your products and services to potential customers!
  6. What is one way your business is different than the competition? When communicating why people should trust your business and choose you over someone else in the marketplace, it’s a good idea to include a few differentiating factors. This could be anything from certifications, years in business, positive reviews, commitment to excellent service… you get the idea!
  7. Name two potential issues someone faces if they neglect to use your services. How will this failure to act impact their lives in a negative way? How can they avoid these issues? Think about this question form a health and safety standpoint, as well as a financial one.
  8. Name two benefits someone enjoys when using your services. What do people always say they appreciate about your service? Does it save them time? Money? Add peace of mind? How does your service accomplish this or something else for them?
  9. What’s the most forgotten service or product in your business, the one no one remembers that you do? Every business has one or two well-known services, and a long list of other services that you have to keep reminding them of. Let us know what your forgotten ones are, and we can create a great “Service Showcase” post to highlight it this month!
  10. What should people consider when hiring a professional to do what you do? If you could create a short checklist that your ideal customer would use to identify you as their choice for services, what would be on the list? Are there credentials and certifications they should consider? What other things besides price should factor in to their decision-making?