Discover the Engine that powers successful service businesses like yours.

Strictly speaking, your business is nothing but a vehicle to get you to your dreams.

Over time, your business changes as it grows. Your vehicle needs more power to keep up, and it must run more efficiently to save you money. If you want to get to your destination with enough time and money left to enjoy success, you’d better have an engine under the hood that can deliver.

Why other marketing companies don’t deliver

Blue-collar local service businesses have their own unique set of challenges that are different from those of retail or brick and mortar businesses.The marketing strategies that work for one won’t necessarily work for the other. And yet, most marketing companies in local markets take a one-size-fits-all approach. This is definitely easier for them, but why are you paying for a system or product that wasn’t designed with you in mind and has never worked for a business like yours?

The Marketing Engine designed for service businesses

Here at Spark Marketer, we’ve spent a great deal of time and energy working to understand one thing: What does it take to make a local service business successful online? It’s taken years to understand something so complex and prone to change, but our efforts have resulted in a system – An Engine – that reliably and consistently powers successful local service business marketing efforts. We’ve used this proven system to help over one hundred local service businesses (and counting) overcome some of the same obstacles you face, to reach their goals faster. No one knows your business like you do, but we’ll work with you to implement a total online marketing system using tools, strategies, and an expert crew of professionals that are dedicated to helping you drive your business to the success you want, month after month. With Spark Marketer’s Engine under the hood of your business, and a dedicated Crew keeping it finely tuned for performance, you’ll enjoy more control over your business and less stress over it!


The Engine we build for you will include:

  • Web Site & Mobile Site Design
  • Web Site Content
  • SEO/Optimization
  • Listings Management
  • Citation Research & Building
  • Backups, Updates, Security, Hosting & Website Administration
  • Reputation Monitor™ — Reputation Intelligence, Management & Response Training
  • Review Solution® — Review Acquisition App, Feedback Reporting & Training
  • Social Engine™ — Social Media Monitoring, Response & Training
  • Email Revenue System™ — Special Offers, Retention Strategies & Training
  • Ongoing Content Writing and Posting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Consistent, Reliable Management
  • Accountability, Transparency & Frequent Communication
  • Expertise & Knowledge
  • Flexibility & Responsiveness

Start your Engine...

Find out what our clients already know: This is the purpose-built engine that will get you where you want to go. Even if you’ve had some success with other tools and services in the past, the Spark Marketer performance difference will leave you impressed.