Thank you for being with us in Indianapolis!

We want you to have the resources and presentations we used at the CVC Success Summit 2015. Click the links below to download. If we can help you think about some of these concepts and put together a marketing plan that makes sense for your business, please call us at 855-646-3538 or email

Always MEASURE what you TREASURE!

Part 1: Treasure Quest

Discover your company’s hidden treasure by asking questions, identifying gaps, setting goals and committing to action plans. Includes a comprehensive list of questions to stimulate the process of identifying the gaps in your marketing.

Part 2: Tape Measure Marketing

By measuring the effectiveness of your marketing activities, you will be able to make it work harder for you, and yield more of the things you really want from your business. Learn the basic metrics and formulas to understand ROI (Return on Investment) and how to use it in your business.