Local Service Business Highlighted by Facebook for Success

Lou Curley’s Chimney Service was highlighted by Facebook at a Small Business Marketing Summit for his success with Facebook Ads. 

Lou, like many local business owners knew he needed a strong presence on Google to reach the right customers, but it was his work on Facebook that allowed him to take his business to the next level. By outsourcing his Facebook Ads to his team at SparkMarketer, Lou was able to take more time to focus on other aspects of his business. 

Check out the case study (written by Facebook) that highlights Lou’s success on Facebook and why it could work for you too. 

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The Problem

📍 People are visiting your website but not always calling or scheduling an appointment

📍 Your business isn’t reaching its full potential audience through standard advertising channels.

📍 Your current customers don’t know about all of the services you provide.

📍 People in your service areas don’t know about your company.

The Target

Establish your brand as the top authority in your industry.

Increase brand awareness on platforms where your customers are already spending their time (Facebook)

Develop a more educated customer

Reach customers still in the decision-making process

➡ Stay ahead of your competition by investing where your competitors aren’t (Facebook Ads)

Having a service business means you have to communicate with your customers, and using Spark Marketer’s Facebook Service allows us to do just that. Amber really takes an interest in our service and our customers to help us increase our engagement with our current and potential clients. Her weekly updates are very helpful and allow us to plan how to reach our clients at a great cost. We enjoy working with Amber and highly recommend!

Linda Roydhouse, Business Owner

Why Facebook

Why Facebook Ads For Your Business?

1️⃣ Customers are already spending time on Facebook.

Facebook has 1.49 billion daily active users who spend an average of 20 minutes a day on the site. Think about the percentage of people in your service area — how many of them could you reach? With Facebook advertising, you don’t have to wait on your customer to visit your website or search Google for your services. You can feed them information about services and appointments on Facebook where they are already choosing to spend their time. Additionally, the cost to reach 1000 people on Facebook (CPM) is between $5 and $15 on average. That’s a lot of reach for very little costs.

2️⃣ You can re-target customers when they are in the decision-making process.

Customers have so many options when it comes to hiring a business for a home service, and the decision-making process on who to hire to fix their problem can take a long time and lots of research. It’s easy for them to forget which companies they like. With Facebook Ads, you can re-target anyone who has visited your site, engaged with your Facebook page, or even watched a video, with another ad on Facebook or their partner platforms. This keeps your company top of mind and can reinforce trust and brand recall when they are ready to call or make an appointment.

3️⃣ You can increase the value of each customer through continued education.

Home service companies are known for continued maintenance services, meaning the homeowner will need their service more than once in their lifetime. But how do you ensure that the customer calls your company again the next year? With Facebook you can continuously keep in touch with those customers by creating campaigns specifically for the returning customer. You can even introduce them to additional services that they may not know you offer or realize they need.

“If you’re not doing Facebook marketing right now, you are behind the curb… it’s worth the money.”
Chuck Hall

Business Owner

What Makes Our Agency Unique


Our marketing firm only works with local service businesses. In fact, it’s our mission:

To help blue collar businesses grow their companies by becoming more competitive on social media platforms though paid advertising.

Because we work only with local businesses, we understand the specific struggles and issues that they face (because of a smaller audience and budget) when running Facebook ads.


We take care of all the moving parts for you.

Landing pages? We create them.
Videos? We create them.
Scheduling forms? We create them.

Whatever you need for your Facebook ads, our team has your back.


Not only is every client different, but so is each industry. Because of our experience with multiple home service industries, we know what types of services to target and what type of budget to run during your busy seasons and during your slower months.

Additionally, we make sure your ads are always fresh. We can adjust for weather and anything else that may impact your business, and keep customers from seeing any one ad too many times.


You don’t have to worry about your marketing company ghosting you when you work with us. Not only will you get weekly emails updating you on the status of your campaigns, but we have quarterly meetings to review strategy and goals for the next period.

If there happens to be an ad emergency, you don’t have to stress, because you have our department head’s personal phone number.


Most service companies are already running Google Ads or investing in another advertising platform. Our team works with these other platforms to keep your branding consistent and on target for the marketing goals we have set up. 

Additionally, we help you set up Instagram and Facebook Messenger so those placements can be utilized in your Facebook Ad strategy. 


Facebook is always changing and our team is always learning. We have access to the Top Experts in the Facebook industry and share those expert insights with you.

We make sure your ads are technically strong, your campaigns are feeding out efficiently with the set budget, and that you are covered with any Facebook privacy and rule changes. Our team works hard to stay ahead of changes and up to date on marketing trends.

➡ Our Shared Goals ⬅

To grow your business by creating a more educated customer
that chooses your company every time they need home services

To provide you with the tools to track your return on investment (ROI)

To provide you with opportunities to increase your bottom line and customer experience

How Much Does It Cost?


The day-to-day and month-to-month management of your campaigns is $997/month. This includes creation, management, optimization, and unlimited edits for your ads, landing pages, and tracking tools. This is money that goes to our firm to pay for the time it takes our team to develop and run your campaigns.


This is the amount of money you pay Facebook to run your ads in their newsfeed and other placements. Our firm requires at least a $20 daily budget, which averages out to about $600 a month. We have found that this budget gets bigger, better results for our smaller local clients. Of course you are able to invest more to scale your campaigns. We will discuss suggested budget increases as we see and interpret your results.


There is a one-time setup fee of $2500 associated with our Facebook Advertising Service. This includes the set up of business manager, ads manager, site tracking with the Facebook Pixel, Facebook Attribution set-up, Google Tag Manager set-up, as well as all the things that go into your monthly management fee to get your ads off the ground.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been using Spark Marketer’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Amber for the past 2 years. Amber’s keen intellect in crafting our message for Facebook marketing through ads,videos, designing campaigns and monitoring the effectiveness of these is well worth the investment. Her updates and reports on our marketing with Facebook allows us to learn who our clients are and what our clients are looking for. The return on investment is substantial and is a key component of our business growth. 

Chuck Roydhouse

Business Owner

I have always had decent success using Facebook for my business. Over time, Facebook changed so much that the ads I used to run were losing reach and losing their effectiveness. Rather than make it my full time job to keep up with the constant changes, I had the people at Spark Marketer take over my ads. Now, Facebook has once again become a decent way to reach potential customers.
*Lou’s company was actually highlighted by Facebook at a small business conference.
Lou Curley

Business Owner

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Amber and Brena at Spark Marketer.  They have really worked hard creating, adjusting and implementing my advertising campaigns/funnels while always keeping their eye on the cost and ROI.  They are very good communicators consistently let you know what is working, not working and what adjustments need to be made on a weekly basis.   I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to increase their online leads and online presence.

Jake Loeffler

Business Owner

Social media, including Facebook, has become very important to my marketing campaign to stay in contact with my clients.  Spark Marketer has been doing a stellar job.  I am getting detailed reports and I can see the progress.
Charles Hall

Business Owner

Working with Spark has been absolutely spectacular. We can’t say enough good things about their results and team. We know our web presence is well managed and something we never have to worry about.  One of the best decisions we ever made was teaming up with Spark.  

Josh Cate

Business Owner

Next Steps

Schedule a Discovery Call

On a discovery call, we’ll go over what you get when working with us and discuss whether or not we think your company is ready to move forward with Facebook advertising. We are not the right team for all clients, and not all clients are a good fit for us. This call helps us to establish shared goals and get to know your business

Prepare Call Materials

When you schedule a call, we immediately start looking at your website, Google My Business profile, and Facebook page. What we ask you to do is to come ready to have an in-depth conversation about your business. Here are a couple questions we would like you to know the answer to:

  • Are your competitors running Facebook Ads?
  • Have you run Facebook Ads before (what were those results)?
  • Do you run any other ads? (Google, YouTube, etc)
  • How much of your budget do you allocate towards marketing?

Follow Up Questions

After our call, if you have any follow up questions, please email our team. We will follow up with you on an arranged date to either get the business info needed to start the ads or to answer any questions that you may have thought of after the original meeting.

Meet Your Team


Digital Marketing Strategist

Amber’s expertise in Facebook and social media marketing was the reason Spark Marketer decided to start the Social Ads department of their business. As your typical millennial she spent hours on social media, but it was her skill in sales and funnel building that built up the ads department. If you are looking for an overall marketing strategy, want to understand your customer’s buying process, or dive deep into what your campaign numbers are saying, Amber is the woman you want to work with.

She’s been at Spark over 2.5 years and loves working with local businesses to build our their specific brand voice.


Digital Marketing Strategist

Brena has a way with words. She is the queen of creative, landing page copy and ad copy. Brena is always ahead of marketing trends, especially video because she does most of the video creation and editing.

If you want to understand how to create posts and ads that drive your customers to take actions and feel a specific emotion, Brena is the one to work with.

She has been with Spark for over a year and loves the challenge of making blue collar industries stand out on social media.