Dip Your Toes Into Facebook Ads

There is a lot of uncertainty about business and the world right now. A LOT. But one thing is certain: your clients and potential clients are on Facebook more than ever. Why not use this time to give Facebook Ads a try?

With everyone spending more time on social media, it’s a great time to work on building brand awareness and getting your name and message out in front of your ideal clients.

Maybe you’ve considered dipping your toes into Facebook Ads before, but the whole process seemed a little too daunting for DIY. You’d feel a lot better if you knew everything was set up properly before you take the plunge.

We get it! And we’re here to help you through it with a limited time video views campaign setup offer.

Right now for just $450, our Facebook team will develop a basic video views campaign on Facebook Ads for your business.

You’ll know everything is set up properly so you can get your business out in front of your ideal clients.

What does a Video Views campaign mean for you?

✔ Your existing videos will be used to boost brand awareness and get people familiar with your brand for just $5 a day.

✔ For a lower price than the average TV commercial, you can get your business out in front of a more targeted group of individuals.

✔ You can explore Facebook Ads with minimum risk involved.

✔ While you’ve got the attention of your ideal clients, you can start building trust and confidence that you’re the business to call on.

What’s Included In This Offer?

  • Custom audience build-out
  • Headlines and copy for the ads
  • Video trimming + captions to optimize the video
  • Budget/campaign set up
  • UTM parameters for your landing page

Ready To Get Started? Give Us A Call – We Just Need:


  • Your personal FB page login. This ensures that once the campaign is set up, everything belongs to — and can be managed by — you.
  • An intro video made by you (under 3 min). Get your potential customers to trust your brand with a personal video explaining why you started your business, who you are, and what the benefits are to working with you vs. another company.
  • A budget set by you. We suggest a minimum of $5/day. 
  • Zip-codes for your preferred targeting audience. We want to use the most profitable zip codes in your area so that you can reach your best customers.

How Much Does It Cost?

A one-time payment of $450. That’s probably less than you spend on your phone bill each month, and this will work to keep your phones ringing!