We know what winning looks like. So do our clients.

What if you didn’t have to do everything on your own?

What if you didn’t have to use the Big Phone Book Companies for all of your marketing?
Imagine what you could do if you had a real partnership with your marketing experts.
Imagine getting back some serious time to work ON your business. What could you do with that?
Imagine feeling confident about where your marketing is headed,  so you can actually start thinking about expanding.

That’s what winning looks like!

We’ve helped others win. We want to help you win, too.

When you work with Spark Marketer, you’ll gain the confidence and support you need to make your business work for you, day in and day out. We build a plan for success tailored to your goals in the business. Then based on that plan, we put a marketing system in place that will help every other system in your business function better, with less friction and less hassle.

We take account management seriously.

When you partner with us, you get a designated Account Manager. You’re probably thinking, “So what? I already have one of those at my current place. They don’t really help me.” But ask any of our clients, and you’ll quickly understand how different our Account Managers are.

A typical account manager anywhere else may have over 100 clients assigned to them. No wonder you only hear from them when the contract is about to renew… that’s all the time they can dedicate to you!

In contrast, each of our AMs has fewer than 25 clients, and they have no sales responsibilities. That means 100% of their time is focused on moving the needle and creating value in your business. In fact, it may take a while for you to get used to hearing from your marketing partner so frequently, checking in, asking questions, offering advice, making sure they are on the same page with you at all times about the work that is being done for you.

Your account manager has undergone months of rigorous training, learning all aspects of the online marketing work they will be doing for you.

  • Your AM will manage and work in all aspects of your online reputation, your listings, your website traffic, and more.
  • Your AM will contact you on a regular basis to discuss your business marketing goals, challenges, and ideas, and will provide feedback when you need it most.
  • Your Account Manager is backed by a world-class design, content, and web team, able to take care of quick changes as well as larger projects. This team will already be familiar with your account, so there is no time wasted in fulfilling change requests.

Get direct help from dedicated service professionals.

At Spark Marketer, you’re not a number and you’re not a quota. Our entire company was built with the singular goal of helping other business owners WIN. You’ll have one-on-one conversations with your AM on a regular basis so that we can better understand where you are with your business, what’s working, what’s not working, and what you’re looking to achieve. These proactive conversations are the missing ingredient in your current marketing, and it’s the difference between staying stuck where you are and finally getting where you want to be. This isn’t a turn-it-on-and-walk-away marketing strategy, and it didn’t come in a box. It’s an ever-evolving system that changes with your company in response to the current state of the online search world, and it’s all designed to get you the best possible results.

We put the system together, so we understand how to use it.

We’ve tried other popular systems that promised big results but just didn’t work, so we spent the time and money developing our own system that does. It’s the reason we’re so successful in helping our clients win. Our system is the most adaptable, focused, responsive, and effective system we know of, and we’re excited to be able to put it to work for you.

Your next step may decide your level of success for years to come.

We believe so strongly in our system and our people to help you win that we offer a free consultation to any service business owner who requests it. We will put together a road map for your business, starting with a video inspection summary of your online presence, including the immediate areas we would target for improvement. You’ll also get a detailed Success Plan that outlines how we can help you get where you want to go. Even if you don’t end up working with us, we think you’ll agree that the information this Road Map provides is incredibly valuable in understanding your business marketing better. And it’s FREE. Let’s get started today!

These are just a few of our winning clients… Are you next?

I have trusted the Crew at Spark Marketer with my entire online presence, and it has been the best decision I have ever made in the “always changing” world of web marketing. Mark Stoner

Owner, Ashbusters

The Spark Marketer Team has been a great partner in our online marketing. Taylor, Carter and the rest of the team make you feel that they have your company’s best interest in mind at all times. Their customer service is very efficient, timely and complete. I would recommend them for anyone needing to create or improve their website marketing strategies. Chuck Roydhouse

CEO, Clean Sweep Of Anne Arundel County

I only have 3 heifers left, all sold to new customers, all from the website.  I get all sorts of positive comments.  You did good!  And I’m on the first page on every relevant search I can think of. Todd Hill

Owner, Diamond H Ranch

Thanks for all of the hard work, and please thank everyone that had anything to do with the web site or with the launching of the web site. As a small chimney sweep company, what all of you have done, makes us look large. May our business relationship be profitable for the both of us. Gary Pozzi

Owner, Pozzi Chimney

My site was hacked, which is a nightmare for any small business. The Spark Marketer crew immediately started working to clean up the mess. They took over hosting, redesigned my site, and helped to secure my company’s competitive future online. In addition, they have spent many hours assisting me with my online yellow page advertising strategy, saving me lots of money! I appreciate the peace of mind knowing they are my “go-to” partners. Steve Pietila

Owner, American Chimney & Masonry

For the record, my site is kicking ass. We are booking appointments right off the site almost daily, it’s incredible. I may be biased, but I have yet to find a site even close to as nice as mine. You guys are no joke. Steve Sobczak

Owner, Total Chimney Care

I am so glad that you are handling all of these new changes with Google for us.  I am glad that you are doing what you do well so I can concentrate on what I do well.  We are still in our busy season and doing well, and more customers are telling us they found us on line.  Thank you for all of your hard work.
Elizabeth Guy

Owner, Blue Ridge Chimney Services

By the way, when I Google the phrase, ‘Jackson, Ms. chimney sweep’, I am ranking higher than ever! Thank You! Jim Robinson

Owner, Santa’s Friend Chimney Service

Spark Marketer launched my site, and within two months, I landed my first million dollar contract. The reason my client told me he initially called my company? Because my web site looked so much better than my competition. Amazing results, and you have a client for life! Austin Harkins

Owner, 180 Concrete Design, Inc.

Lately it seems as if our web presence has really been helping us get the business we need…. the following areas have been absolutely fantastic: Gas Fireplace Repairs and Security Doors. Tom, I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but whatever it is, KEEP IT UP… and lets see more of the same on our sunscreens and dryer vent pages!! Thanks again for being the kind of partners we need to help us grow our business!! Aaron Zambrana

Owner, A to Z Window Screens

When we started working with Spark Marketer we were already behind where marketing online was concerned. They were able to build on what we had done right, correct some issues that were hurting us and put us on a path to the most successful season we have had to date. James Owens

Owner, Owens Chimney Systems, Inc.

Before I met you and the Spark Marketer team, I was paying richly for the privilege of having Yellow Pages look after my print and online presence. Results were lackluster at best, and most calls we did get were price shoppers. You took over my account, refined my website and placed it correctly. Now I get 200% better activity and the phone calls are truly interested in what Unlimited Security offers. Your expertise has proven to be worth every penny, and I thank you. Linda Stubblefield, QA

President, Unlimited Security Inc.

Thank you all for all the work you all do. This is one area of my business that I always know is working correctly. Doug Hetsch

Owner, All American Chimney Service

Our account manager (Chris Pitts) has been a real asset to our company! He has enabled us to easily access and effectively respond to reviews. His cost effective marketing and timely, helpful service have helped us dominate our market online.

Spark Toolbox™ is an extreme time saver! It allows us to quickly and easily monitor our online reputation—without spending hours searching the Internet. It also makes regularly posting to Facebook and Twitter easier and quicker by having relevant articles assembled in one place and by allowing us to automate an entire week’s postings in one day. Lee Roff

Owner, Lords Chimney