You order fast-food, and within minutes, it’s ready for you to eat. The advances in the Internet and Internet service providers enable us to fly through web pages with a few simple clicks. Our computers, cell phones, and tablets allow us to multitask on a variety of programs and apps at once.

These are just a few examples of how modern day technology has spoiled us and gradually conditioned society to expect instant results.We live in a fast-paced world that only seems to be getting faster. With this comes the expectation that every action we take has an immediate and instant reaction.

  • When we click to view a website, we become impatient if it doesn’t load within five seconds.
  • We become irritated when our food doesn’t arrive as fast as we think it should.
  • We grumble when our computers update or take too long to open a document.

The conveniences afforded by modern day life have been focused around getting what we want, when we want it.  These advances in speed and convenience are all great, but when we get delayed in even the smallest of ways, we tend to get upset.

In the arena of business, however, patience is still a virtue. Shipments of materials and finished goods take time to be delivered. Business relationships and partnerships take time to develop and grow. Patience is especially needed when it comes to Google and organic search rankings for a business.

The word ‘organic’ implies natural growth. When a seed is planted in the ground, it could be weeks before a sprout can be seen. The same principle applies to Google search and rankings. It can take weeks before new pages on a website are indexed and recognized by Google. The reality is that: correctly building a presence online takes time and patience.

Of course, your patience can be further tested when you are paying for these services to waiting to see results. Many small business owners spend all of their time immersed in the daily operations of their business and require the help of a marketing agency for search and marketing efforts.

These business owners often expect to see immediate results from the efforts they are paying for because it’s what they are used to seeing in other aspects of life. And it makes sense, given that those who pay a marketing firm to represent them online cannot directly see all the work that gets put into those services.

But the truth is: there is no magic switch that can be flipped in Google to make your business automatically rank higher. Building the online presence of a website and business is a marathon and not a sprint. In fact, knee-jerk reactions to Google’s rankings do not usually play out well. So yes, make sure you have a high degree of trust in your marketing firm, but be patient. It’s a long, steady building process, but in a world where everything is getting faster, some things are just worth waiting for.