No one starts their own service business because they’re lazy or looking for the easy way out. No, when you made the decision to go out on your own, you knew you’d have many long, hard days ahead of you.

But even knowing that, the amount of work required can be overwhelming and downright despairing at times – especially if you lose sight of your vision, the vision that got you excited and motivated to start your own business in the first place.

Here are some tips to help keep your vision front and center and your focus sharp during the late nights and hard times…

#1 Surround Yourself With Reminders

Think back on your first break-up. Everywhere you went, everywhere you looked, you saw or heard something that reminded you of The Ex. And all that did was make it harder and harder for you to forget about him or her and move on with your life.

Well, when it comes to maintaining focus on the vision you have for your business, it helps to use this law for good. Plant things around your home and office that remind you of your vision and business-related goals and dreams, and that stir up excitement and drive within you.

For example, you could:

  • Write out your 5 year goals and pin them to the wall in front of your desk.
  • Write your mission statement on your bathroom mirror.
  • Fill a white board with words you’d like customers to use to describe your business.
  • Keep the first dollar your business brought in framed on your desk.
  • Tape an appreciative letter from a customer to the dashboard of your truck.

There are so many ways to make your surroundings one giant vision board. Whether you buy into The Secret or not, having your vision and your goals written out and in plain sight, day and night, will help keep your mind focused on where you’re going, your eyes open to opportunities along the way, and your feet taking the next steps to get you there and keep you going.

#2 Stop & Celebrate the (Big & Small) Wins

One of the best ways to prevent burnout and keep your vision in view is to take the time to celebrate those times that you win, reach a goal, or take the next big step. Whether you choose to simply verbalize the win to the rest of your team, give yourself a little treat (like dinner at your favorite restaurant), or reflect on what it took to reach that goal or take that step, taking a moment to acknowledge progress is critical and can give you the energy and focus to keep going.

#3 Read & Listen

Remember, you’re not the only business owner who has struggled with the issues that keep you up at night. Make a point to find others who have faced some of the same challenges and listen to what they have to say about overcoming and carrying on. That can mean having a lunch date with a mentor, reading a leadership book, or listening to a podcast.

The point is: You aren’t alone, and your goals are attainable! Don’t lose sight of the reason you set out to do what you do. Keep your vision front and center. With focus, drive, and hard work, it will pay off!