One thing we love about the chimney sweeping industry is the sense of community and the willingness to lend a hand to those in need. That’s why it was no surprise to us that Tommy Nelms and Mark Stoner (two rockstars in the chimney industry) started Sweep Away Cancer, a 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research, and aids those in need.

Every October since the non-profit’s inception, chimney sweeps from all over join the movement and do their part to sweep away cancer. Are you and your team ready to raise awareness and help find a cure? Here are some ways you can get involved this October:

  • By purchasing and wearing pink “Sweeps For A Cure” shirts, which spark conversations and help to raise awareness with customers. Let your customers know you care and that you’re working hard to make a difference in the lives of those who have battled or will battle this disease.
  • By leaving behind pink “Sweep Away Cancer” koozies at the end of every service. Think of it as a little “thank you” gift for your customer that gets the conversation going and lets your customer know you care about the health and welfare of women (85% of customers in the chimney industry are women).
  • By asking customers if they’d like to donate to the cause. Once you get the conversation going, your customers may want to get involved. If customers inquire about how they can help, you can either take donations yourself or direct them to the Sweep Away Cancer website, where they can donate directly.
  • By donating a portion of sales from the month of October to the movement. Many companies choose to take a portion of profits from the month of October and donate to Sweep Away Cancer. Letting customers know that your company participates and initiates change in this way will make your customers feel good about spending money with you, because they’ll know that some of it goes towards curing cancer and helping those fighting the disease.

If you’d like to learn more about how the foundation was started and how you can get involved with the Sweeps For A Cure movement, or to purchase “Sweeps For A Cure” shirts for your team or “Sweep Away Cancer” koozies for your customers, visit the Sweep Away Cancer website. There, you’ll also find some of the best resources and research websites so you and your team can go into Breast Cancer Awareness Month educated and informed.