The Follow-Up Earnings Potential You Could Be Cashing In On

The Follow-Up Earnings Potential You Could Be Cashing In On

Chances are, you’re not going back through and adding up the money you could be bringing in from service estimates that weren’t followed up on, but if you want a reality check, you should. Do you know how much earning potential your business is wasting by not following up after service estimates?

Think of a number…think bigger. We’ve heard successful businesses quote six digit figures in unfollowed up services. I don’t care who you are, that’s a lot of money. So what’s keeping you from following up? Is it the fear of bugging your customers by not taking their “No” as definitive? Well, unless they’ve straight up spelled that out for you, you’re making a mistake.Man-Holding-Piggie-Bank

The truth is, there are myriad reasons why a customer may turn down a service, and you shouldn’t think of it as definitive. Here are just a few reasons a customer may initially say “No” to a service.

Timing isn’t right. We all want our homes to be as safe, efficient, and attractive as possible – but when it comes to home services, timing is everything. Perhaps your customer had family coming, a baby on the way, or a surgery planned when you provided the estimate for the work, and they simply couldn’t make time to have techs in their home. Life has so many variables, and when you’re providing a service that requires customers to open up their homes to the possibility of people coming in and out, or messes being made, you have to remember that timing is everything.

Does this mean that the service is unwanted? No. Follow up at a later date and you may find that the customer is ready to schedule. If you take their initial inaction as a sign that they aren’t interested in having the service performed, you won’t reach out to them when the timing is right.

Priorities aren’t favorable. As a homeowner, you want everything to be perfect NOW. But sometimes that’s not possible. Sometimes you have to prioritize the services you want done and the projects you want to take on so that perfecting your home is manageable.

Is it possible that when you provided the estimate for the service, your customer was getting estimates for other services as well? Is it possible they had an internal priority list and your service simply didn’t make it to the top? Reach out to them. If you don’t keep the service at the forefront of their mind, it may continue to fall below other home improvement priorities. You don’t have to be pushy – just reach out!

Finances aren’t right. Did you ever want something that you just couldn’t swing financially? Of course you have! We all have! Sometimes it’s the same for your customers. They know they need the service, they want the service, but they just can’t make it happen within their budget at the present. But finances change. Just because they can’t swing it today doesn’t mean they can’t swing it a few months from now. Recognize that finances play a big part in our choices and keep in touch with your customer. Everything may align with your next customer touch. But if you aren’t following up, you’ll never know.

The service was unplanned. Did an inspection reveal the need for some major repairs? There’s a good chance your customer wasn’t prepared for that news and just couldn’t manage it at the time. This is an example of when the service denial may have been a combination of timing, priorities, and finances. If the need for repairs came as a surprise, you have to allow your customer time to figure out when timing and finances may be favorable, and where on their list of priorities the service may lie. Give them a little space and then reach out.

Take Time To Follow Up – Who Knows What You’ll Learn

Are you following up on service estimates? Make it a regular part of each quarter. At the very least, you’ll get an idea of why your customers aren’t scheduling, which may even help you improve your business.

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