Meet the Team: Alex Gilland

Meet the Team: Alex Gilland

Alex Gilland is another new member of our team. She brings fresh ideas, and superb graphic design skills. She is a recent college graduate, and was referred to us by another member of our team, Devin Johnson. Alex was asked the same questions as our other team members, and you’ll get a chance to see what she brings to the table. We are really glad to have Alex on our team.

Alex Gilland - Graphic Design - Spark Marketer

Jonathan Sanders: What type of work and educational experience did you bring to Spark Marketer?

Alex Gilland: I went to the Art Institute of TN-Nashville, and I received a Bachelor’s in graphic design. Before I came to Spark Marketer, I interned at a small studio where I did some product design and logo design. All throughout school I did logo design, brochures, and cd covers.

JS: Is that what you did primarily? Promotional materials? Any web graphics?

AG: Yeah, we had a few web classes, like a basic web class, and of course we learned Flash. I’ve done a little web design, but I’m learning a lot more working here.

JS: Several of us play multiple roles, but you’ve been able to focus on mostly graphics, right?

AG: Yeah, I’ve mostly been working on web sites, and right now I’m working on an infographic.

JS: What is your favorite thing about what you’re able to bring to our clients?

AG: I like when someone gives me a project, which is usually branding or marketing. I like doing the research to learn as much about that “thing” that I’m working on.

JS: On a more personal note, what are your favorite films? Why do you like them?

AG: The first thing that comes to mind is Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. As with any movie, you’re transported to another world, but with that one you’re really able to get into it. It’s really imaginative, which makes it easier to not compare it to other movies.

JS: If you could see anyone in concert, dead or alive…and the location didn’t matter…who would you want to see?

AG: I would want to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. You can tell they are high energy, and would put on a damn good show. I really like all their music.

JS: What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Alex & Kirby - Graphic Design - Spark Marketer

AG: My favorite book is Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. It talked about how he grew up in his uncle’s house with a bunch of kids. It was really crazy, and the story is really interesting. I just like that book.

JS: What did you listen to in the car on your drive in today?

AG: I listened to Mars Volta, White Stripes…and I don’t remember who else…

JS: Last one…do you have any pets?

AG: I have a Beta fish named Bootyfishous, and a few nice plants.

Meet the Team: Devin Johnson

Meet the Team: Devin Johnson

Devin Johnson came to Spark Marketer beginning in the fall of 2012. He quickly established himself as a top notch graphic designer that was able to wow even the great and powerful Carter! Our clients have really enjoyed the insight he brings to branding projects. I’ve asked him the same questions I asked all of our team members so you can get an insight into the way he approaches projects, and to see the things that make him tick.

Devin Johnson - Graphic Design - Spark Marketer

Jonathan Sanders: What type of work or educational experience have you brought into your role with Spark Marketer?

Devin Johnson: I went to school at the Art Institute of TN-Nashville, and I’ve done logos years before…but I wouldn’t show those now. I’ve always had this sense of wanting to give a brand to something, whether it was a company or an idea.

JS: What sorts of roles do you fill here at Spark Marketer? Is it primarily graphic design?

DJ: I’d say so, but I’ve done some websites here too. I’d say that’s probably all that it’s been.

JS: You say all that it’s been, but that ends up being a pretty big role…and time consuming too, right?

DJ: Yeah it does, most of the time.

JS: What is your favorite thing that you are able to provide our clients?

DJ: I would say just giving them something they’re happy with, and it helps them feel good about their company and the service they’re giving. It’s a visual representation of them, so for that to be an accurate representation makes me happy.

JS: As I’ve said to everyone else, I feel that the movies we like say a lot about who we are. What are some that you really like?

DJ: The first one that I can think of that I’ve seen recently is American History X. I just liked how the main character changed through the film. He really developed, and changed other character’s opinions. The ending made me upset, though. The last 10 minutes made me think something terrible was going to happen, and it did. I guess my favorite movie changes constantly. I also really like Into The Wild. I think I’m realizing that I like movies with sad endings!

JS: Who would you most like to see in concert, regardless of time in history or whether they’re still alive?

DJ: Usually when I listen to an artist I get hooked on an artist, and I’ll only listen to them for a couple months at a time. I usually make sure their albums are so different that it fits any mood, and I can still get a good variety. Right now I’d probably want to see Animal Collective.

Pensive Devin - Graphic Design - Spark Marketer

JS: What’s the best book, news feature, or website you’ve read recently?

DJ: Well, on Facebook I really like the newsfeed for “I F—ing Love Science”. I find myself checking back every day to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I really like learning, but not necessarily books. News updates and stuff like that really interest me.

JS: What did you listen to in the car on the way to the office today?

DJ: Animal Collective

JS: Do you have any pets?

DJ: Not right now, but I plan on getting some fish. I really like sea life, but it’s too expensive right now to get what I want.