As the business owner, you probably like to have things done a certain way. But as your company grows and you bring on new people and start delegating some of the work to others, how can you be sure that things are done properly and to your standards? It’s a common problem that many business owners face, but the answer is simple: create systems.

Is it worth it? You bet.

Creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and implementing systems now can save you hours in training and prevent dozens of sleepless nights. As long as everyone follows them, having systems in place can safeguard your business against many snags and hitches and prevent disgruntled customers, expensive mistakes, time and material loss, and an inconsistent or unpleasant brand message.

Plus, when something fails or goes wrong in your business, you’ll know that either the system failed you or you failed the system, and it should be easy to determine which it is. This alone can save you time and frustration so you can get right down to fixing things and preventing future problems.

What to Do When the System Fails

Facing a challenge? Did the employee or employees involved follow the system to a T? If so, there’s a problem with the system itself. Revisit the steps and procedures, and ask for input from your employees. Listening to the guys and girls out there doing the work can help you quickly pinpoint flaws in the system so you can make the necessary improvements and changes.

Once you know how the system needs to be revamped, revamp it!

What to Do When You Fail the System

Did the employee involved scrap the system and do things his or her own way? Like anything else, a system can only work if you use it. All of your employees should know the importance of following the systems you, as the business owner, have put into place. If you have an employee that’s unwilling to follow a particular system, ask him why – and really listen.

Maybe he or she has a better way of doing things. If so, you can work together to improve the system for the benefit of the entire team. You can also use this opportunity to encourage employees to come to you with suggestions and concerns instead of overriding the systems you’ve put into place.

The Added Bonus of Establishing Systems?

Need another incentive for establishing systems? With systems, you will enjoy more time and freedom. If you know that the systems work and you trust the employees you hired to follow them (If you don’t trust your employees, you’ve got bigger fish to fry), then you can step away from the office, without worrying about your business crashing to the ground.

And what business owner doesn’t fantasize about having more time and freedom? So get started!