In our last post, we talked about who we are as a company, as determined by the values outlined during our company-wide culture workshop. This week, we’re talking about the values that define the culture surrounding what we do.

Without further ado, Values, Part II: What We Do.

We Cultivate Meaningful Partnerships

When asked what we do here at Spark Marketer, we don’t think about securing, hosting, and building websites, creating listings, building citations, posting blogs, or managing social media. We do all of those things and more, but our first thought is the relationships we cultivate each and every day.

We work alongside our clients to help them achieve greater success and extend their services to more people within their communities. Our goal is not to do just the bare minimum, and the phrase, “that’s not my job” is a four letter word here in the office.

Instead, our goal is to partner with our clients, come alongside them as they navigate their way in business, and do everything we can to help. We seek to become an integral part of our clients’ marketing and operations and help them succeed.

When our clients have questions, even if it’s about supplemental marketing services or business decisions, we want to be a resource and a help. Why? A success for our clients is a success for us – whether it’s a marketing success, a business success, or even a personal success.

We win only when our clients win, which is why we strive to build long-lasting partnerships, grow with our clients and their businesses, and help them reach new heights. This brings us to our next “what we do” value…

We Invest in People and Their Dreams

Here at Spark Marketer, we realize that every person has his or her own individual dreams, and we’re all about creating plans of action to help others achieve those dreams. That’s why we get to know our clients and their dreams and goals for both their businesses and their lives.

Once we know these dreams, we align our efforts and personalize our approach to marketing to help them reach their dreams faster. When you know that the work you do for a client is getting them closer to their goals and allowing them to pursue their dreams, nothing you do is a waste of time. It’s all rewarding!

Whether we’re encouraging an employee to develop her artistic talents launch a business, or helping a business owner realize his dream of expanding his business nationally, starting a non-profit charity organization, putting his kids through college, or changing the world by providing spectacular customer service, we work to provide the support and encouragement needed to make dreams realities.

We firmly believe that by helping those we work with and for reach the goals they’ve set for their lives, we can help make a larger, more meaningful impact on the world around us. And this culture of support and encouragement starts at the top here at Spark Marketer.

Taylor and Carter are always willing to invest in continuing education and training for employees when there is a desire to grow and learn. Interested in Google Ads? No one’s going to stop you from exploring that path. Why? If you’re doing what you’re passionate about, you’re going to be happier, and you’re going to do a better job. All of these investments strengthen our company and our partnerships, and encourage better service for those we serve and those our clients serve.

So, now that we’ve defined what we do, how do we do it? Check out our final culture segment, Values Part III, How We Do It.