Books We’d Read Again & Again

Books We’d Read Again & Again

It’s no secret, Spark Marketer is made up of a bunch of nerds — so, naturally, we love reading. But life-changing, enjoyable books aren’t limited to the business section.

Here are some of our all-time favorite books and top book recommendations (fiction and non-fiction). Check ‘em out! (Get it? Because at the library, you can check out books…)thumbs-up-book-shelf-filled-with-books

Our Favorite GIFs

Our Favorite GIFs

We send a lot of GIFs to each other on Slack, so we’ve decided to share some of our favorite and most frequently used GIFs with you. Enjoy.

Meet Our Creative & Support Teams

Time to meet Fred, our System Administrator, Alex, our Graphic Designer, Jessica, our Chief Writer, Tina, our Accountant/HR, and Ashley and Amber, our two Interns. These guys and gals may be behind the scenes, but we couldn’t function without them!


Well, that wraps it up for now. Hope you enjoyed these little snapshots of the folks who make up our team. Until next time!

Meet The Account Managers

Meet the Account Managers, the guys and gals who spend their days making sure our clients are well taken care of.

Stay tuned to meet our Creative/Support teams!

Meet The Leadership Team

Hi there!

We’ve grown a lot since our last real crew introduction, so we’re overdue for another round of crew bios. In this post, you’ll meet the leadership team, starting with the two bosses who birthed this baby.

Next time we’ll be introducing the Account Managers. Stay tuned!
Values Part III: How We Do It

Values Part III: How We Do It

Well, we made it to the last of three posts on our company culture. If you haven’t yet read Part I: Who We Are and Part II: What We Do, go check them out! Once you’ve finished, come back and learn how we do what we do. It all has to do with attitude…Smiley-Face

We approach our work with optimism and tenacity.

One thing about the world of marketing, especially Internet marketing, is that it’s always changing. If you fight that notion or aren’t accepting of that reality, it’s easy to get frustrated.

Google and Facebook make the rules in a lot of instances, and we have to stay within their boundaries and guidelines if we want to play the game. Sometimes we work really hard for a result only to have the “rules” change a week later. But that doesn’t mean we can just throw in the towel. We have to keep at it.

Some days it can seem like no progress is made at all. But being committed to approaching our work with optimism and tenacity helps us persevere and press on when facing daunting tasks, ever-changing rules and algorithms, and long and arduous processes.

Maintaining positivity and being committed to giving it our all, day in and day out, inspires us to work hard for our clients and keeps us from forgetting why we’re here and what we’re here to do. It reminds us not to give up when the going gets tough or hide when we don’t have the answers.  Instead, we brainstorm; we research; we test; we look at the challenge from different angles; we try and try again until we meet, and in some extra rewarding cases, exceed our expectations.

It can be easy to forget who we’re working for and with and why we do what we do if we don’t maintain a positive outlook and feel truly invested in those we partner with. A commitment to approaching our work with optimism and tenacity helps prevent burnout so we can continue serving our clients. But what helps us get to the bottom of things and do the real problem solving? The next value…

We face our challenges with a curious and open mind.

Challenges come at us in different ways and from different directions, but solutions are not always cookie cutter or universal in scope. Although it can be tempting to dive in and tackle problems the same way we always have or resist changing our way of doing things, facing challenges with a curious and open mind allows us to see things we might otherwise miss and discover new, creative solutions to challenges we’re facing.

This openness and curiosity enables us to find faster, more efficient ways of doing things and helps us overcome challenges that would be overwhelming if we were rigid and close-minded.

It also opens us up to the opinions and suggestions of others – and we all know two heads are better than one.

Ultimately, this doesn’t just make our daily work easier and more enjoyable; it also benefits our clients. When we’re open, curious, and willing to listen to others, we are able to provide better, more customized service to our clients. And that is, after all, why Spark Marketer exists.

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